Ralph Dzegniuk

I am a Canadian Lawyer (holder of a Juris Doctor degree in Jurisprudence) and Adjunct Professor at the Instituto de Empresa (IE) with more than 10 years of experience in Administrative law and litigation, with special emphasis on writing, reviewing and finalizing all types of legal documentation (such as Agreements, communications with state entities, etc.).

During the last 5 years in Spain, I have worked, above all, as Professor of Legal and Financial English, Common Law (the law system of Anglo-Saxon countries) and as a Legal Translator (Spanish-English), teaching in private schools such as Instituto de Empresa (IE) or CUNEF and in some of the most important law firms in Madrid, such as Ontier, Cuatrecasas, Dentons and Legal Departments of Bankinter and el Corte Ingles, among others.

During that time, I have focused on the language of commercial, civil, criminal, labor and procedural law. In addition, in my capacity as Professor of Legal English, I have also dealt with translation (Spanish – English) of complex agreements, contracts, court rulings and expert reports.

In addition, as a Lawyer practicing law in Toronto, Canada, I have gained significant experience in the research of a wide variety of legal issues, as well as the drafting, editing and finalization of all types of legal documentation. This includes “pleadings” (written arguments used in Courts and Administrative Boards); Contracts; Memoranda of investigation; Summaries of legislation, etc.  This documentation was prepared and used in the Federal Courts; Government offices, banks, etc.


If you would like to learn a little more about my professional evolution (and get to know me better at a personal level) feel free to read this interview done by one of the world’s best known teachers’ training centers.