What we offer and our methodology

We offer a wide range of Legal English classes and translation services for legal (and not necessarily legal) texts. Most of our classes are group classes (usually 3-7 people), although we also offer private classes. Classes normally take place online, at our premises in Plaza Castilla or at the student’s office at a mutually convenient and agreed times.

Classes can have a more general (broad) approach, exposing students to all the important fields of Legal English (Commercial Law; Procedural; Criminal; Labor; Civil Responsibility, etc.), or a narrower approach, focusing only on one specific area of ​​Legal English, such as Commercial Law (the language of Contracts; Business and Company law; M&A; Property, both Intellectual and real estate, etc.) The most important thing is that each class is personalized and adapted to the needs of each student or group of students.

Our methods are based on keeping the classes as interactive and participatory as possible, using various means (videos of news reports or sequences of series / movies with content linked to the material studied), newspaper articles addressing legal issues (often with controversial topics to stimulate debate); role-playing games, competitions based on the terminology and concepts studied; in short, create a participatory professional space among professionals.

We do not use a single Legal English text since, from experience, we know that none offers a perfect learning solution of what is truly important and useful to lawyers or law students.

Our methodology uses a mix of sources (texts) that work best in our classes, as well as a wide range of original materials previously mentioned, exclusively designed by us over the last 5 years (and new ones that we develop during each course).

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